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Open that Backpack BEFORE Sunday Night, Please! :)

app project image

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, as I primarily use Class Dojo.  Welcome back to this site if you haven’t visited in a while! 🙂

I know that many kids don’t open their backpacks until Sunday night, but yours may want/need to do so sooner.  Most of the students are coming home today with 2 things that I would like to point out as they may need your attention:

  1. Your child was given a an envelope for our annual Jumprope for Heart.  Students can start fundraising for this event, the proceeds of which go to the American Heart Association. There are lots of cool prizes to be had, starting with just a $5 donation! Our school is the top fundraising school in all of southern California; our school-wide goal is to raise $24,000+
  2. We are culminating our Benchmark reading/science unit, “Advancements in Technology” with a project in which the students design their own apps.  Students have submitted a basic plan for approval, and now they need to complete their   “Business Plan”, which consists of 5 questions (some finished this in class).

How can you help???

  • Look at various  (3-5) age-appropriate apps in the itunes or Google Play app store on a smart phone or tablet.  Together, identify each app’s: a) name; b) logo; c) slogan; d) user reviews; e) informational section (include seller, size of app, category, etc.); f) price; g) target audience (who will buy/use the app?) g) preview of screens that show app in use.  These observations will helps your child in developing his/her own project.
  • Look over your child’s initial plan and help him/her with their business plan.  If your child is already done with the business plan, please look it over for clarity and complete responses.
  • Ensure that your child completes the homework pages sent home on Monday (these homework pages will be in lieu of reading fluency/comprehension and achieve3000).  The homework sent home on Monday that is related to the app project will be due on Friday.
  •  I understand that we are talking about 3rd graders here, so the app is not expected to be completely original.  However, if it is similar to something already out there, perhaps it can be tweaked a bit so that it is an improvement or change to what already exists (an innovation!)

Thank you for your help and support!  The kids are excited about this project, and so am I!  (P.S., If your child did not bring a business plan home, I’ve posted a screenshot of it.  Your child can write the responses on a separate sheet of paper.)

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.19.36 PM


Winter Wonderland Basket Donations


Our school’s Winter Wonderland will by on December 8th, and one of the events is the silent auction. PTA uses the proceeds from this auction to fund school events (like Pastries for Parents, Grandparents Day, the friendship dance, etc.), help fund buses for field trips, provide mini grants for teachers, and much, much more. We need your help to make this year’s auction a success.

Our class basket’s theme is

Lady’s Day Out

Donation suggestions:

  • $5-10 cash donation to be used towards purchase of gift cards/certificates from a local nail salon, and/or hair salon. Cash donations need to be turned in by Wednesday, 11/29, so that a parent or I can purchase the gift card(s)
  • Gift cards to any of the following places: local nail or hair salon, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, local eatery, or other store that pampers a lady
  • Items that pamper a lady (e.g., hand/foot creams, spa products, etc.)

If anyone is willing to volunteer to do the shopping and/or assemble the basket for us, please let me know. Cash donations are due by 11/29. Donations that can be put directly in the basket are due by Friday, 12/1. Please submit a receipt or write down the retail value of the item(s) you are donating so that we can determine an approximate overall value of the basket we create.

Thank you for all of your support!                         🙂 Mrs. Blakely

Group Presentations Wrap Up Unit 3


We just wrapped up our Nonfiction Reading / Science Unit on Animal Adaptations.  We extended our learning by creating slideshows and presenting them to the class.  I am proud of their collaborative, hard work!  Here are the links to the slideshows in case you would like to see your child’s group’s work and/or the work of other groups:

Dolphin’s Adaptations

Lion’s Adaptations

Tiger’s Adaptations

Polar Bear’s Adaptations

Koala’s Adaptations

Rhino’s Adaptations

Cheetah’s Adaptations

Shark’s Adaptations